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Small spending cuts here and there grow into big savings...

It's hard to imagine that saving small amounts and investing on a regular basis can add up to a big sum of money over time.  We designed this calculator to do just that.  It will help you see that small steps can lead to big payoffs.

For instance do you know how much you could save by not buying that daily cup of coffee or those snacks from the vending machine?  If you buy a $5 coffee once a day, 5 days a week that's at least $100 a month on coffee!  Or $1200 a year!  If you put that same daily $5 into a savings account you could could use that $1200 for more important things-bills, holiday presents, your kid's education.  Now we're not saying you shouldn't buy yourself a coffee.  But once you try out this calculator we hope it will encourage you to start a little bit of saving today.

How much would you save if you stopped buying expensive coffee daily?

$100 saved every month can grow into a big amount

Starting Amount
Daily Savings Amount
Number of Days you save every month
Monthly Savings Amount
Yearly Savings Amount
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Total Savings
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