Plan your spending with Budgets.  Budgeting your money helps you identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses.  You know exactly how much you make and how much you may spend.  Sticking to your budget will help you to save money!

Of course, not all expenses are planned, but you can dip into your savings to account for the unplanned expenses.  Our default Budget includes a category called 'Savings' to help you save.

expenseRegister also has calculators to plan your debt repayment strategy, plan for your retirement, etc.


To make sure you stick to your spending plan, you need to track your spending.  expenseRegister provides the easiest ways to record expenses and view them in a variety of compelling reports.  You are also not required to give us your Bank and Credit Card Account details, these accounts are yours, the expenses are yours, we present it in a smart way so you know where your money is!

Other trackers to help you take control of your finances include a reminder service, debt monitoring, etc.


Reduce and eliminate debt

Save money for emergencies, a big screen TV or a vacation

Helps you better plan and achieve your financial goals - buying a house, money for college or retirement


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