Create, Send and Manage Invoices

expenseRegister’s basic account lets you create an invoice to print and send to your clients. The premium features let you send the invoice electronically and track all of your activity. Upgrade today for less than $5 a month over the course of a year and enjoy simple and effective tools to keep your business running smoothly.

The steps for creating the invoice are the same as for the basic account and can be found under Getting Started with Easy, Online and Free Invoicing . Below are instructions for using the premium account features.

Step 1

Your expenseRegister account will show you previously saved invoices and their status, as shown below.

Invoice List

Step 2

Click the New (+) button to create a new invoice. The premium account allows you to save your client's information into your address book. This way if your client hires you again for another birthday, you can save time by clicking on the Address book (@) next to the client's name. Your screen should look like this:

Address Book

Step 3

Click on the your client to pick the right one and begin filling out the descriptions of work, products purchased and their cost. If it's a new client, you will obviously need to input the information from scratch. With the premium features, you can now save the invoice.

Save Invoice

Step 4

expenseRegister will store the information, and you can choose whether or not to send via email (Send it Now button) and/or print it out for your records or your client's records. The premium features make it easy to keep everything straight for all of your accounts.

Step 5

Now you can click back into the list of invoices which will show the status without having to click into each one. As in the example below, the first invoice has been Sent but not paid for, while the second has not.

Invoice List

Step 6

Your clients will receive an email with the invoice as an attachment should you choose to send the invoice via email. You will also receive a copy of the same message to your email.

Invoice Send

Step 7

Once your client has paid, you can click back into the invoice to mark it as complete. expenseRegister also allows you to link your PayPal account to receive funds and this lets your client pay you conveniently online.

Invoice Mark Paid

Step 8

Once you mark the invoice as paid, you will be able to see it reflected in your list of invoices.

Invoice Status Paid

Invoicing your clients is really that simple with expenseRegister! Try it out.

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