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Expense Report with Receipts PDF

When you work as a contract employee for any organization, getting reimbursed for food, travel and other miscellaneous expenses is a part of the contract. When Michelle took up a contract opportunity at a finance firm, little did she know about the complexities that come with being a contract employee!

For starters, Michelle had to submit food and travel expenses, retain paper receipts and file for reimbursement at the end of the month. The hassle here was not just retaining those hard copies of the receipts, but also maintaining a spreadsheet and noting each detail meticulously.

Thankfully, to Michelle's rescue came a tool that she invested in - expenseRegister. Through the Expenses feature of expenseRegister, managing her expenses, maintaining receipts and filing expense reports was a walk in the park.

Let's see how Michelle managed her expenses in expenseRegister.

Step 1

Login to expenseRegister and click on Expenses on the left side of the screen.

Expense Page

Step 2

Click the New button (+ icon) to enter an expense. Fill out the expense form that pops up.
Michelle spent money on gas and would like to get reimbursed for the expense. So she attaches a picture of her receipt in the Receipt field. She types in the date, description and amount. expenseRegister also automatically categorizes the expense and fills in the expense Type. She clicks the Save button to save the expense entry.

New Expense Form

New Expense Form

Michelle does the same for a few other expenses she incurred while on her contract.

Step 3

After all the expenses are added, Michelle can now see all her entries on the Expenses page as follows.

Expense List

Step 4

To create a report, she goes to the Reports page and clicks on Expenses with Receipts.

Expense Reports

Step 5

In the Expense Report page, Michelle selects the date range for her report and clicks Go.

Create Report

The expense report is previewed as shown below.

Expense Report with Receipts Preview

Step 6

Michelle then clicks Show PDF Report button to create the PDF report. She can save this PDF file and use it to file for reimbursement.

Expense Report PDF

expenseRegister saves Michelle valuable time that she can now spend on other leisurely activities. Another thing that excites her is ease and hassle free approach to expense filing. She no longer spends hours cataloging each and every bill.
Michelle can also access her past receipts and reports at the click of a button; she no longer has to save her receipts in shoe boxes or mess with spreadsheets!

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