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expenseRegister gives you a simple way to invoice your clients. You’ve done all the hard work; expenseRegister can help you with billing and payments. Even the most demanding clients will be pleased with the consistency and the easy-to-follow calculations.

Let’s say you own your own business in party planning and you love it, but with so many clients and so many different types of services to account for, it can get complicated fast. Here are the steps to create an Invoice for your next gig in expenseRegister. These simple steps below will work in a basic, free account.

Step 1

Login to expenseRegister and click on Invoice on the left-hand side of the screen. If you don’t have anything set up already, you should see the following screen:

Invoice Page

Step 2

Click the New (+) button to create the invoice, and fill out the information you know about your client. Pay attention to the due dates, as they are easily changed by clicking on the calendar. Your screen should look like this:

New Invoice Form

Step 3

Scroll down, and start your descriptions. Click the New (+) button, and enter in your calculations. If your client purchased multiple products like below, then enter in the Quantity field. Then calculate your labor costs as shown below.

Invoice Work Description

Step 4

expenseRegister will calculate the tax based on the state you're in, and it allows you for additional charges or discounts. In this case, Mr. Doe's goat happened to eat the owner's sweater, so he has been charged $5.00 under Other Total. He also received a small discount because one of the goats couldn't make it to the party.

Use the notes section to clarify anything that may be confusing for your clients, or merely thank them for their business.

Invoice Totals

Step 5

You can preview this invoice and print it out for the clients.

Invoice PDF

Creating an invoice is that simple with expenseRegister - it's just like filling out a form. With a free expenseRegister account, you won't be able to save your invoices. Upgrade to a Premium Account and you can save, send and manage your invoices .

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