Mileage Tracking for Deductions and Claims

Mileage Deductions can reduce your taxes. To do so, the IRS wants you to file proper documentation for your mileage claims. This can be difficult if you are using a notebook or a software application that is not easy to use. expenseRegister makes recording and reporting your miles simple!

expenseRegister - Mileage Tracking is a premium feature and is not available in the free account. However, you can sign up for a trial premium account, check out mileage tracking and easily upgrade to a premium account.

This video goes over the basic steps to track your miles. You can then report these miles for claims and tax deductions.

The steps to track your miles are below -.

Step 1

Login to your expenseRegister account and go to Mileage Tracking.

Step 2

Click the New Mileage Entry button to start recording your miles.

Step 3

In this mileage entry form, pick your date, type in the From and To addresses and click the big green button to determine the distance you drove.
expenseRegister automatically calculates the distance for you. Click Save to log this trip.

New Mileage Entry

Step 4

expenseRegister calculates the Deduction Amount and saves your entry.

List of Mileage entries

Step 5

You can use these mileage entries to support your deductions when you file your taxes. And it is really easy to create a report.
Go to the Reports screen, then click on Mileage Deductions.

Mileage Report

Step 6

You see deductions for the current month listed by default. You can easily change the dates to select a different report period.
To create a PDF report that you can print cleanly, click the Show PDF Report button and a PDF version of the report is created. Use this PDF version to support your mileage claims.

PDF Report

That's it! Mileage Deductions are really that simple with expenseRegister!

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