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expenseRegister lets you set up Bank and Credit Card accounts. This helps you track transactions within specific accounts. Once these accounts are set up, you can pick the account when you record your expenses, income and when you create reports.

Here are the steps to create a Bank or Credit Card Account in expenseRegister:

Step 1

Login to expenseRegister. Click on Accounts on the left side.

Link to Accounts

Step 2

If you have not set up any accounts yet, you'll see an empty list as shown below.Click the + (New) button to start creating an account. This opens a form as shown below where you type in your account details.

New Account

Step 3

Type in a Name. This is the name that'll help you recognize this account. Pick the Account Type. This is my bank checking account, so I am going to pick the account type as Bank Checking Account. You could also enter a description. Now my form looks like below -

New Account Form

Step 4

Click Save. This creates the new account and it gets listed.

List of Accounts

Step 5

Follow the same steps to set up your Bank Savings and Credit Card accounts too.

List of Accounts

You'll be able to pick and select these accounts when you record your expenses and income. You can also go to this Accounts page to get a quick summary of your expenses and income in each account.

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